Commercial And Residential Aquarium Experts In New Jersey

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JK Fish brings the awe inspiring beauty of the ocean directly to your home or office. Add style and flair to any commercial or residential space.

Commercial and residential aquariums are not vastly different in style or design, though space, budget, and maintenance are critical considerations. Contact JK Fish for all types of aquariums, big or small, including:

• All types of residential aquariums
• Coffee Table Aquariums
• Theme Park Aquariums
• Aquariums for Corporate Office Lobbies
• Aquariums for Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, Bars, and Casinos
• Aquariums for Hospitals, Memory Care Facilities, Physicians and Doctors
• Aquariums for Childcare, Retirement, Nursing and Old Age Homes
• Aquariums for Attorneys and Law Offices
• Aquariums for Retail Stores & Malls, Automotive Dealerships and Banks
• Aquariums for Movie Theaters, TV and Film Productions

We are here to help! Speak with us at (973) 919-9199 or email us at For more information visit our website
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