WOW WOW, Outstanding Zebras for sale

Montgomery, AL 36117
United States

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Our zebras are hardy animals that can withstand drought conditions very well and will eat almost anything.
They are kept on a year round worming and protein feeding program on the ranch. Most of our zebras are so
tame that they will eat out of your hand.

A foal can be taken at 1 month old for bottle or bucket feeding, or it can stay on the mom until
weaned at around 5 months old. Newborn foals fit in a large dog crate that can be transported
by a truck or van to save you money on delivery cost
Current Prices:

$ 1550 Males; from 1 month old to 18 months old
$ 1950 Females; from 1 month old to 18 months old
$ 2800 breeding age females
$ 2500 breeding age males
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