Vacuum Sealer Machine

Smart Packaging System
Anvik, AK 452001
United States

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Vacuum Sealer Machines available on the Models DJ 400 can eliminate all systems of machine exhaust, gas extraction (optional), marking, cooling, and automatic discharge. Products after packing with Single Vacuum packaging equipment can be protected from oxidation, mold, insects, or moisture, so they can be kept fresh for longer.
A double chamber vacuum packaging machine can complete the prescribed procedures for vacuum extraction, gas extraction (optional), sealing, printing, cooling, and automatic extraction. Products after packing can be prevented from oxidation, mold, insects, or moisture, so they can be stored fresh for a long time.
Manual Vacuum Sealer Machine with a high-efficiency removal machine this piece of equipment can close all kinds of plastic bags. It is a compact, portable machine, made of lightweight fabric, and easy to use. By packing this productive machine, food can be kept fresh for a long time at room temperature. It can also be used with food stored in an icebox, to prevent odors, quench, or dry out.
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