Brazil Cacau Brazilian Straightening

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Brazil Cacau Brazilian Straightening

Brazil Cacau Brazilian Straightening Kit 3x ECO Keratin = 900ml/ 30.3oz
Brazil Cacau Cadiveu ECO Brazilian Straightening Kit with Keratin – Total : 900 ml / 30.3oz = (3 x 300 ml / 10.1oz )
Brazil Cacau Brazilian ECOKERATIN Maximum Smooth Effect
Brazilian Eco Keratin the new treatment of Brazil Cacau, which differs by having a softer formula based on sugarcane, which reinforces the internal structure, improves the condition of the hair, eliminating frizz and giving radiant shine.
It is the ECO and chemicals free version of Brazil Cacau 300ml
Successful brand among famous hairdressers and famous actresses in Brazil, the United States, Europe and Australia. Brazil Cacau is present in more than 30 countries and its expansion is due to the very high performance that treatments offer since 2006, since it has been a pioneer in launching a smoothing without the use of chemical products.

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